Our Pale Ale has a strong taste of passion fruit and citrus which is due to the aroma hop and cold hopping. The aroma intensity and the bitterness are between our IPA and our Summer Ale.

American Pilsner

The American Pilsner gets its name from the American hop variety 'Chinook', which contributes a distinctly resinous aroma. In addition, with its 52 IBU, it is also a rather bitter Pils.

Brown Ale

The brown ale is almost a dark (top-fermented) beer. The first sip is dominated by coffee flavors while the finish is more of citrus.

India Pale Ale

The India Pale Ale surpasses all other beers in both its alcohol content, bitterness and hop flavor intensity. Definitely the favorite of many customers!

Black Summer Ale

Black Summer Ale is the equivalent to our Summer Ale but contains a lot more Hops and Pale Chocolate Malt instead of Wheat Malt - give it a try!

Ice Cream Pale Ale

Our Ice Cream Pale Ale has won two Tastings and now is on tap for the first time at our location. A mix of a huge amount of hops, lactose, vanilla and special malts create a taste which resembles the taste of ice cream!


With regards to the amount of hops (here: strong citrus and pine aroma) and the level of alcohol just like the 'normal' IPA. The only difference is a higher amount of dark roasted/caramell malts


The NEIPA (New England IPA) uses similar amount of hops as a standard IPA but carries a much fuller body and decreased bitterness with even increased frutiness. For the ones who like it full and fruty!


You can name it the equivalent of 'Helles' in the category of bottom fermenting yeast beers. Its yeast is top fermenting and the beer is filtered (not in our case of course) that's why its look is hazy in comparison to the 'standard Kölsch'. We also do use non-traditional hops and put some American Cascade into it. It is not highly carbonised and generally a highly drinkeable beer.

Czech Pilsner

The Czech Pilsner takes its name from the Czech hop genus 'Saazer', of which a large amount was applied. It's light honey flavor comes from the malt and makes this tasty Pils to a perfect drinking beer


Helles is characterized by full-bodied, low bitterness and low hop flavor and is also more easily carbonated than e.g. Pilsner or Weizenbier and therefore a very easy drinkable beer and therefore also the favorite of many beer drinkers.

Red ale 

Our red ale is the ideal blend of full-bodied, light bitterness and fruitiness in shape of a red shimmering beer with a delicate foam.


The Dreikornbier is lightly hopped and bottom fermented. The malt bill includes barley, wheat and rye and therefore doesn't stick to the german purity law. Just because of that you should give it a try as it probably is a new experience for you!


Our Kellerbier uses traditional German hops and top fermenting yeast and is nicely drinkeable beer - in winter and summer

Please note that our beers are constantly changing. We do not brew according to fixed recipes, we constantly modify. The next batch of Red Ale, e.g. certainly tastes different than the one before. Why is it fun and, above all, meaningful? Send us a message to 'steffen [at]' and we would like to discuss this with a beer!

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