From the campsite to the Schillerkiez;

the whole history at a glance.



the beginning


It all starts in 2016 on a six-hectare campsite on Lake Neuendorf. A mixed group of friends, including our five owners, buy a small piece of Brandenburg countryside and come up with an idea; why not become self-suppliers of beer? 

As they say: Steffen, Julius and Henne are building a 300l DIY brewhouse. After a few first attempts, it quickly becomes clear -the beer's really good. So why only stay in own production?

at schillerkiez

In November 2016, our five owners are looking for a suitable location in Berlin. "We needed a place where we could not only brew beer, but also see the reaction of the guests. A former corner pub in the Schillerkiez area turned out to be the perfect place for our demands". (Steffen) 



Together with friends and acquaintances we are renovating wherever possible and in April 2017 the doors of the brewery were opened for the first time.

Since then a lot has happened, such as the renovation by the collective Ram Schakl.




In the meantime, Brauhaus neulich has recently established itself not only as a bar, but also as a brand in the Berlin late night and club scene. From Sisyphos Club, Else and Renate to small Spätis; neulich beer has crossed the borders of Neukölln long ago. 

Find out more about our beer and where to buy it here...  




Today the brewery shines in a new light. Regular events such as beer tastings, Mario Kart tournaments or beer yoga attract guests of all kinds. 

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