neulich Crew

Owner | Brewing Master 


Steffen has a degree in chemistry and has given up his career in the IT industry to devote his heart and soul to our brewery. He doesn't just brew super tasty beer, he also makes sure that the shop runs smoothly. He likes India and good beer.

Owner | Development 

Julius footprints can be found in Sisyphos. Looking for something new, Julius began to brew beer together with Steffen and Henne, simply out of pleasure and joy. In addition to his function as a permanent guest, Julius also takes care of the planning and tinkering that is pending.

He prefers to drink SummerAle with good friends until late into the night.


Owner | Sales

Michi comes from the board sports industry. Because he wanted to create something of its own with inspiring people, his path led him to Brauhaus neulich. From staff to sales to events, he makes sure that the ball rolls. He likes to drink Red Ale the neulich Summer Ale at a rave.


Jonas is a trained automotive mechatronics technician and is currently completing his Abitur in Berlin. When he's not standing behind the counter, he likes to push records and treat himself with a New England IPA.


Virginie was born in France and you may know her from the Sisyphos Bar. She loves to drink summer ale and likes to chat with nice guests. She enjoys particularly the nice moments with the regular guests from the neighborhood.


Sam was born in the USA and uses his passion for brewing to travel the world. Before he came across us, he learned how to brew beer in Regensburg and Hawaii. Today he takes care of the entire brewing process - from the grain to the glass.

Assistant Bar Manager

Leo is our youngest member of the team and takes care of all the tinkering around the bar.  He describes himself as a passionate beer drinker. He particularly likes to drink New England IPA.


Bente likes to be on the road and loves to spend social evenings in bars. Boredom = no chance. His slogans flutter out of his mouth faster than the beer comes into the glass. Cheerfulness is as important to Bente as hops for beer.


Tammo has been standing behind the bar since the foundation of Brauhaus neulich and provides you with the necessary elixirs.

Beside his activity as a bar inventory he also stands on stages and is an actor, musician and DJ.

He loves music and delicious beer from here the most.



Henne is an artist and comes from the field of large-scale projections and mappings. It all started with Julius and Steffen at Neuendorfer Lake when he was brewing beer and the idea came up to keep on experimenting with it. Since then Henne has been taking care of the development  and the strategy of Brauhaus neulich. At the end of the working day he drinks a fresh summer ale.

Bar Manager 

Nick's background lies in music production and music management, but beer has always played an important role for him in these cases and beyond. When he came to neulich and discovered the beer here, he was thrilled. His current favourites include Summer Ale and the Red IPA.


Lauren studied computer science and economics and wanted to get to know something different after her studies before she goes behind the desk again. She feels comfortable behind the bar because she constantly meets interesting people here. She loves to drink summer ale.

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