Hops, malt, yeast, water - these factors alone provide thousands of possibilities to create a beer.

We believe in experiments and have also set ourselves the goal of never brewing a beer the same twice. For our 300l brewhouse this means a high brewing frequency and for our guests that it never gets boring. In addition to unusual recipes and precise brewing art, the high drinkability of the beers is especially important.  In order to guarantee this, we regularly seek the opinion of our guests. Our recent new creations can be tasted and evaluated directly on site during the beer tasting series "Freibier mit Geschmack".

American Pilsner

The American Pilsner takes its name from the American hop variety 'Chinook', which contributes a pronounced resinous aroma. It is also a rather bitter pilsner with its 52 IBUs.

Black Summer Ale

The Black Summer Ale is the equivalent to our well known Summer Ale but contains a lot of hops and chocolate malt instead of wheat malt - try it!

Brown Ale

Brown Ale is almost a dark (top-fermented) beer. The topping is dominated by coffee aromas, the finish rather by citrus fruits.

Czech Pilsner

The Czech Pilsner takes its name from the Czech hop genus 'Saazer', of which a large quantity was used. Its light honey aroma also comes from the malt and makes this drinkable Pilsner a perfect drinking beer.


The three-grain beer is bottom-fermented and slightly hopped. It is brewed with barley, wheat and rye malt and therefore far from the purity law. This is why you should definitely try it, it is certainly a new taste experience!


Our Helles is not so bright but slightly fruity and that comes only from the Viennese malt. The hopping is super decent and little bitter, just like it fits to the beer style. Brewed with soft brewing water which emphasizes the fullness.

India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale exceeds all other beers both in alcohol content, bitterness and hop aroma intensity. Definitely the favourite of many customers!

Ice Cream Pale Ale

Our Ice Cream Pale Ale has won 2 times the Tastings contest and is now on tap for the first time. A combination of a lot of hops, lactose, vanilla and certain types of malt makes it's good reputation.


In contrast to IPA, NEIPA (New England IPA) is characterised by a strongly increased fullness and lower bitterness. The favourite of many who like it fruity and smooth.


Our Neuköllsch combines the fruitiness of a Kölsch with the fruitiness of new German aroma hops and is a candidate for both Kölsch lovers and lovers of good summer beers to try.


Our Pale Ale tastes strongly of passion fruit and citrus fruits which is due to the aroma hops and the cold potting. The intensity of the aroma and the bitterness is between our IPA and Summer Ale.

Red ale 

Unser Red Ale ist die ideale Mischung aus Vollmundigkeit, leichter Bitterkeit und Fruchtigkeit in Form eines rot schimmernden Bieres mit zartem Schaum.


With regard to hopiness (strong citrus and pine aromas) and alcohol content, the Red IPA is in no way inferior to the IPA. The only difference is a stronger malt note towards caramel/roastiness.

Summer ale 

Our Summer Ale is the perfect companion for anyone who likes a well drinkable beer with light fruitiness and low bitterness. A beer like summer!

Please note that our beers are constantly changing. We do not brew according to fixed recipes instead we vary constantly. The next batch of Red Ale, for example, will surely taste different than the one before. Why does this make fun and most importantly sense? Send us a message to 'steffen[at]' and we will be happy to discuss it over a beer!

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